Sponsor a WordPress Theme

WordPress is the most used platform by webmasters, bloggers, small businesses and internet marketers. It is easy to manage anything: blog, a CMS or a portfolio. And that's why sponsoring WordPress themes is one of the easiest and best way to get thousands of backlinks.

How it works?

The sponsored links will be added to the footer of WordPress themes. You receive backlinks each time the theme is downloaded and used. Your backlinks grow continuously even after years, because your links will stay forever on the theme you have sponsored.

Can you show me an example?

By taking a string from the sponsored part of the theme and searching witn Google we can find theme usage and number of indexed pages by Google.
Here is a live example.
Theme: iHealth, Released on September 12, 2011
Results: Google Search Results

Why Sponsor Our Themes?

  • NewWPThemes.com is the leading and trustworthy free WordPress themes provider.
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Who benefits from the WordPress themes sponsorships?

We can trully say that the the WordPress themes sponsorship is a win-win-win for everybody.

  • Regular Webmasters receive high quality free WordPress themes for their projects.
  • Theme Sponsors receive high quality backlinks for their sites.
  • We, the theme designers are paid for the themes we release.


Right now we charge $50 for a single link and $200 for a complete theme sponsorship. We add up to 4 individual links to each theme. We have also discounts and special offers for bulk orders.

All payments are one-time and your link(s) will stay forever in the sponored theme(s). All the listed themes in our site are sponsored alreay and backlinks for the sponsored sites grow continuously even after years. Your sponsored links will be added to the newly released themes.

Note: We accept only family friendly links.

Interested in sponsoring our themes?

For more information, please contact us or email us directly at : contact@newwpthemes.com.